everydayhero’s support team provide dedicated customer care as well as supporter and donor support by phone, social media and email.

We’re open Monday to Friday, 10am – 8pm (During Daylight Savings Time) and 9am – 7pm (Outside Daylight Savings Time)

The support team provides expert support and advice to your supporters to help you maximise the success of your fundraising, and to ensure that your supporters and donors have an enjoyable experience using our platform.

Meet the team

Our support team can help you and your supporters with a range of queries including:

  • Questions about the products and services we offer to nonprofits
  • Help with accessing reports and data
  • Assisting supporters with utilising their pages and coaching them on their fundraising journey
  • Re-issuing donation receipts and aiding donors during the donation process

To contact our support team, simply call 0800 22 4376 or email help@everydayhero.co.nz

New Zealand Regional Manager

Craig Shackleton is your New Zealand Regional Manager. Feel free to contact him on 0800 22 4376 to discuss how you can take charge of your event fundraising.

Online Help Center

Sidekick is everydayhero’s online help centre. It’s an easy way for you, your supporters and your donors to quickly find the answers to any of your burning questions, 24/7.

After all, we know even heroes need a little help from time to time.

Visit Sidekick