Event Dashboards

EventDash1Beautiful reporting dashboards with your campaign data

It’s important to have all your campaign info at your fingertips and our beautiful event dashboards enable you to quickly and easily visualise your campaign in data, charts and graphs – in real time. Visualisation gives you the ability to understand how your fundraising event is performing and ensure your marketing and communications are having an impact on supporter acquisition.

Your event dashboard will save you countless hours in running manual reports. It is always up to date and can track, measure and communicate useful headline metrics to your key stakeholders:

  • Fundraising pages
  • Donation totals
  • Average donation amount
  • Fundraising leaderboards
  • Year-on-year campaign comparisons
  • Supporter engagement metrics

Your dashboards are fully configurable so you’ll only see the data you’re most interested in. Event dashboards can be accessed on any device such as your computer, tablet, phone or web-enabled TV screen in your office to promote real visibility. All of your dashboards let you download individual reports as CSV files.

By simply having better access to important data, you’ll be able to quantify the impacts of your acquisition efforts and make informed decisions to adjust your campaign marketing.

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