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Standard Membership is the simplest way to enjoy the ease and efficiency of online peer-to-peer fundraising. It allows your wonderful supporters to give their effort to your cause by creating an online supporter page for you at everydayhero.com.au or through one of the major community events we partner with.

With everydayhero Standard Membership, your nonprofit can benefit from reduced administration costs, and empower your supporters and donors to give their time and effort to your cause.

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Standard Membership includes:

  • A nonprofit profile on everydayhero.com.nz to allow your supporters to fundraise for you
  • Enable your supporters to create their own personal challenges and occasions to raise money for you
  • Inclusion in all major community fundraising events
  • A unique log-in through which you can access real-time fundraising and donation reports
  • Full customer care and technical support for you, your donors and your supporters
  • Exclusive content, tips and resources to help you get the most from your membership


Acquire new supporters and donors
Smart options for regular giving
Mobile responsive pages & donation forms
Powerful reporting features

Full social media integration

Supporters can see and track their giving

Widest range of donation options

Full support for you and your supporters


Standard Membership Costs

everydayhero membership is super low cost and affordable for nonprofits of all sizes. Standard membership is $300 per year with a 5.5% administration fee on donations made through your profile. On average, supporters will raise over $700 for you which means that just one active supporter will cover the cost of your membership.

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