Standard Membership

The easiest way to experience the benefits of online peer2peer fundraising

Every day, thousands of fundraisers use Everyday Hero to create Peer2Peer fundraising pages in support of their favourite charities, and every day these charities experience the undeniable benefits of online Peer2Peer fundraising:

-    Greater fundraising opportunities
–    Reduced Administration Costs
–    Social Media Integration
–    The broadest range of Donation Payment Options
–    Automatic Donation Receipting

Standard Membership enables charities (and their supporters) to experience the fun, ease and efficiency of Peer2Peer fundraising through Everyday Hero.

When registering as an Everyday Hero Standard Member, you will receive:

Charity profile on

  • A personalised Charity profile on with Peer2Peer fundraising and direct donation facilities
  • Immediate inclusion in all major community fundraising events.
  • A unique login through which you can access real-time fundraising and donation reports
  • Full customer care and technical support for you, your donors and your fundraisers
  • Option to purchase an additional Donor Pay custom branded donation form which you can use as your ‘Donate Now’ button on your organisation’s website, with a low 1.4% administration fee.

Experience the benefits of Standard Membership

1.    Grow your supporter base through participation in more than 10 of New Zealands’s leading community fundraising events supported by Everyday Hero including:

AMI Round the Bays
Rotorua Marathon
Cateye Moonride
Tough Guy & Gal Challenge

That’s access to over 50,000 participants.

2.    Provide your supporters with the ability to create fundraising pages in support of your charity for personal challenges and special occasions

3.    Acquire new donors through the donation facility on your Charity’s Profile at

Standard Membership Costs

The cost of standard Everyday Hero membership is $300 + GST per year with a 5.5% administration fee on all donations made through your charity profile. In our experience, the average fundraiser will raise $565 for you, which means that just one active fundraiser will cover the cost of your yearly membership.

To learn more about Standard Membership and check out the range of FREE resources to available, visit our Standard Member Hub.

Alternatively, if you would like to take your online fundraising to the next level, you can create fully branded Peer-to-Peer and Appeal websites with our premium membership, Heroix 3.0. For more information or to arrange an onsite or online demonstration, please contact us on 0800 22 4376.